Happy New Year from Make It Sew

Just over a week ago I said goodbye to 2017; a pretty eventful year for me. Over the summer while commuting to work as a librarian, I began daydreaming about opening a fabric and sewing based business. I wasn’t certain it would happen; if it happened, I wasn’t sure when or what exactly it would look like, and even after conducting some market research, I wasn’t sure how successful it would be or how it would be received by the community.I have been blown away in the last two months by the support I’ve received and the interest you and others have shown in what we’re doing at 119 South Main Street. You have been coming to open sewing night, AKA “Stitch Club.” You have been signing up for classes. You have been filling up classes! You have spread the word in person and on social media. You have shared your suggestions. You have been buying fabric. You have been bringing your favorite garments to be altered. You have told me that Make It Sew is something that Lexington needed.So I want to say “thank you.” Thank you for coming in and signing up and being interested. Your interest and support is gratefully acknowledged and warmly appreciated. I look forward to seeing you in 2018.

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