When in doubt, look at a book!

Books for sale at Make It Sew.

Did you know Accacia spent years working as a librarian prior to opening Make It Sew? Perhaps that explains her appreciation of books that provide guidance and inspiration for sewing projects. She has carefully selected a small number of books to sell at the shop, each aimed at particular stitching interests of customers. Need a handbook of basics? Try School of Sewing. Interested in learning how to vary a basic pattern? Check out The Tunic Bible. Can’t bring yourself to throw out a favorite garment you’ve literally loved to pieces (or at least to holes)? Find out how to fix it and make it even more special with Make + Mend.

But Make It Sew’s reading material doesn’t end at the front of the store. Meander to the back of the shop, and you will find a library of all kinds of books and magazines providing how-tos and ideas to fuel your sewing fire. The shop even has a comfy sofa and chairs, where you can relax as you read and page through pictures. So when you need a break from cutting, pinning, ironing, and stitching, keep your needle sharp with a good book.

The little library on its red rolling cart at Make It Sew.

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