Kai Makes the Cut

Make It Sew carries several models of Kai scissors, and sewists may also use the much-loved store scissors.

Whether you are cooking, gardening, building a birdhouse, or sewing, having good tools makes all the difference. When Accacia was deciding what scissors to sell at Make It Sew, Kai was the clear winner. These black-handled Japanese scissors are crafted from high-carbon stainless steel combined with vanadium. I hear you thinking, “What was that last thing? Isn’t that what the swords are made of on Game of Thrones?” Well, vanadium may not have quite that pedigree, but the silver-gray metal is particularly valuable because it resists corrosion, and we aaaallllll hate rusty scissors!

Kai combines these top-tier materials with comfortable handles that make cutting a pleasure. Make It Sew carries both Kai’s 5000 series, which are great for everyone at every level, and the 7000 series, which is Kai’s professional line. The available models in each series range from 6-inch thread snips to 10-inch dressmaker shears.

Accacia puts the Kai store scissors to good use.

Also, southpaws take note: Kai offers true left-handed scissors, which Make It Sew stocks. Accacia explains the innovative design “is kind of life-changing for some left-handed people because it’s not just that the handle is shaped differently; the scissors are actually made opposite.” In other words, the blades cross in a way that mirrors right-handed scissors. Accacia says, “Someone who bought some of these from me said that she loved them because she could see much better what she was cutting than with ordinary left-handed scissors or righty scissors.” Perfect!

The icing on Kai’s cutting-edge cake? You can have the scissor blades re-sharpened when they get dull. So treat yourself to the joy of good tools by picking up a pair (or two) of Kai scissors.

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