Pattern patter: Cashmerette

Any grown woman, no matter what size or shape, knows the frustration of trying to find flattering clothes that hang just right and feel comfortable. One of the best things about sewing is being able to adjust patterns to really fit our bodies rather than having to make do with what comes off the rack. Even so, ladies with a little more here and a lot more there have often had to work overtime to make patterns work. Enter Cashmerette! Designed specifically for women sized 12-28 with busts ranging from C-H, Cashmerette aspires to let every woman look chic and feel at home in her clothes.

Cashmerette founder Jenny Rushmore, a self-described “curvy sewist,” began stitching at age 30 and discovered her new skills opened up endless possibilities for creating a wardrobe to match both her mind and body. Based in Boston, she first founded the Curvy Sewing Collective to share tips and information with other like-bodied women online, and that endeavor eventually led her to create Cashmerette patterns. Offering women with bodies ignored by the fashion industry an avenue to style and comfort, Cashmerette believes “in changing clothes and mindsets, rather than being told we should change our bodies.”

Make It Sew offers a range of Cashmerette patterns. Quite a few of them, like the Appleton Dress (pictured on the right above), work particularly well with our March Fabric of the Month, Andover jersey knits!

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