Make it Sew much fun: Grownup Summer Camp!

During our first summer camp session, Mackenzie Brooks (pictured here, looking all tasseled up) will teach you how to make tassels and embellish a scarf.

When summer arrives, do you get nostalgic for childhood days making lanyards, popsicle-stick God’s eyes, and birdhouses at camp? Do you feel a little envious as you drop off your kids for hours of crafting when you’re heading into another ho-hum day at the office? Well, take heart and prepare to have fun because Make It Sew is offering Grownup Summer Camp on select Wednesday evenings this summer! Each session will let you get crafty and feel the satisfaction of making something sassy to take home and show off.

Binge on fringe and make some tassels!

Summer Camp Session 1 will convene on June 26, 5:30-7:30pm, when Mackenzie Brooks will teach you how to make tassels and add them to a scarf. For $25, campers receive instruction and basic tassel-making materials, although you may want to purchase additional components if you get inspired. Each camper will bring a lightweight scarf to embellish. Make It Sew has numerous fabrics that will work and can provide guidance on how to hem them, so you will be ready to tassel away!

Learn to make fun felt coasters to go under your glass of ice tea, bottle of cerveza fria, or highball of gin & tonic.

Summer Camp Session 2 will take place on July 10, 5:30-7:30pm, when camp counselor Mackenzie Brooks returns to guide you through cutting, designing, and hand-stitching felt coasters. Once again, the $25 enrollment fee gets campers Mackenzie’s expert instruction and basic materials for crafting the coasters.

Sashay into camp and make a Sashiko sachet.

Summer Camp Session 3 will occur on August 7, 5:30-7:30, when head counselor Accacia Mullen will provide an introduction to the tools, materials, and techniques of Sashiko, a Japanese embroidery style created to repair worn fabrics but often used today to simply make things more beautiful. The enrollment fee of $25 covers Accacia’s instruction and basic materials. Prepared sashiko coaster kits (also good for coasters) are an additional fee.

Counselor Mackenzie Brooks is a librarian, crafter, gardener, and relaxing lady. She’s a Make It Sew regular who is learning to embrace the wabi-sabi nature of her sewing projects.

Counselor Accacia Mullen loves sewing on vintage machines and thinks sashiko is one of the most enjoyable forms of hand stitching.

All campers receive a 10% discount on any camp materials bought at Make It Sew. Come get your summer crafting craving satisfied during Grownup Summer Camp! In addition to having fun stitching, you never know who you will meet. “Make new friends, but keep the old . . .”

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