July Fabric of the Month: Batiks

Bolts of beautiful batiks at Make It Sew.

When the weather gets sultry, daydreams drift to beaches on faraway islands, where people wear colorful sarongs in an array of patterns created using the wax-resist technique known as batik. Although many people associate batik cloth with Indonesia and Malaysia, the oldest examples of batik come from Egyptian tombs dating to the first century CE. In fact, numerous cultures around the world include some variation of batik in their textile production (e.g., in Nigeria, the Yoruba people use a cassava-based paste to create patterns that resist dye). At Make It Sew, we have an array of fabrics with lovely batik-created designs, ranging from crisp cottons to flowy rayons to wonderful blends, and they are all 10% off through July 31st! So wax on, sewists, before this deal waxes off.

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